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How can I trust God?

Published January 8, 2017

Psalm 18:2 Ester 4:14 Build your foundation on God and stand on it Build your fortress in Jesus You can trust Jesus

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To know God is one thing to love him another

Published December 6, 2015

Philippians 4:5-6 Tell yourself what Jesus has done for you Trust what he says Give thanks – thanks living

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Desires of your Heart

Published May 10, 2015

Commit your ways unto the Lord Trust God Surrender to God

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Pursuit of righteousness is the key to freedom

Published August 17, 2014

1 Samuel 24-26 Always keep a clear conscience Pray up and stay prayed up Trust gods plan is the right oneĀ  and walk away and wait

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We trust people like they’re god and god like He is a person

Published February 16, 2014

No recording of this sermon Hebrews 4 John 19:28 We must learn to trust Him His fulfillment of prophecy is important to your future Invest in gods work and make it your first priority. God is faithful whether you are or not Only Jesus knows your exact pain and He hurts with you

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I’ll stop looking for what I think is the best result and start trusting God

Published January 12, 2014

Daniel 6 Prepare by reading the bible Trust God in everything Stand on the promises of God Got has protection for all of his children Be still and know I am God

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Faith Works

Published January 5, 2014

Hebrews 11 I will trust the one who has proven faithful I trust the hand and heart of God Little by little we are taught to trust by Faith Without faith it is impossible to please god

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Prepared place for a prepared people

Published December 29, 2013

Guest preacherĀ Ted Faulkner John 14:1-14 Daniel 3 1 Kings 17:6-14 Trust in him Trust gods word Trust in the preparer Need a childlike expectation

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