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Published July 29, 2018

John 17:20-26 Mark 9:37 Mark 9:33-34 Acceptance Self examination Acceptance Build not boast

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Power of the spoken word

Published March 26, 2017

Genesis 1:3,9,26 Mark 11:21-25 Speak life We all have the power of the written word in our life Speak to it not about it Take authority over everything Be kind to one another

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Published January 22, 2017

Mark 2:1-12 Mark 5:21-42

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An open Church is a growing Church

Published August 9, 2015

Mark 5:2-20; 7:31-34 Open ears that I might hear You Open ears brings an open mouth to speak with Him Open my heart that I might receive You

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Are you taking Jesus seriously

Published June 14, 2015

Mark 5 Humbleness to get healing Jesus works in his own time Sometimes you have to walk away from people

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Finish Well

Published January 25, 2015

Mark 2 Faith people Group of expectation Know it all people Align with the plan of God

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Nothing happens on the wheel not ordained by the potter

Published February 2, 2014

Judges 7:20 Mark 14:3 Psalm 51:17 Psalm 147:3 Jeremiah 18:1 Listen for the wheel Learn the touch Look at the potter

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Divine Appointment

Published November 3, 2013

Mark 15:21 I am available Lord Have to be prepared You must have the divine (Jesus)

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