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Perks of the promise land

Published April 15, 2018

Joshua 5:14-15 Psalm 16:5,6 Ephesians 1:5-8 God’s presence never leaves you God is the commander of all things God uses angels and people This storm is not in vain

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Following God

Published May 21, 2017

no recorded message Joshua 1:7 Joshua 3 Joshua 4:1-3 When following God be obedient Deal with unconfessed sins Step out and stand still

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Failure management

Published May 7, 2017

Joshua 8:1-2 Psalm 46:1 Find a place to take refuge Teach respect Treasure the treasure

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Realize you have a higher calling

Published June 5, 2016

Joshua 14:2-15 Numbers 14:24 Genesis 23:19 Cues from Caleb Realize you have a higher calling Mind of God Means for God’s message to get out Need to have a healthy cause (the cause of Christ) Have a holy collection

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Blow your rams horn

Published February 21, 2016

Genesis 22:12-13 Joshua 6:2-10 Romans 8:37 Need to see things from God’s perspective Blow your horn every day Believe with confidence that He will see you through

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I will be me

Published January 24, 2016

Ephesians 5:15-20 Joshua 13-21 Psalm 139:14 Establish your gift Neutralize your enemy Eliminate all your worries

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Don’t Quit

Published January 3, 2016

Joshua 8:1-18 Galatians 2:22 Victory is promised to every child of God The victory is preserved Victory is pursued

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I want to be what I can be

Published November 1, 2015

Joshua 2:13 Joshua 12-24 At your lowest state anything is better Jesus extends the red cord of grace

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