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Willing for change

Published March 27, 2016

John 3:19-20 Light gives you access Gives you authority

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How much mud does it take to open your eyes?

Published February 28, 2016

John 9:1-7 You must recognize that you are blind and ask the Lord to let you see it the way He sees it You have to receive the light Rejoice in truth

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The day the donkey went to church

Published December 13, 2015

Genesis 16 John 3:19 Need to understand the nature What is your will Only God can change you

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You are still mine

Published November 22, 2015

John 15:1-5 Choose God or self Make decisions pleasing to Christ Be disciplined in Christ

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What does love require?

Published February 8, 2015

John 3 Love requires action Love requires attention Love requires an answer

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Heart of Worship

Published February 1, 2015

John 4 What is the purpose of worship Do not have to go to Hell Say thank you What is your position on worship What is the process of your worship

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Born Again

Published September 7, 2014

John 3 John 1:5 Light has come You love to sin Repent

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The Hardest Road

Published August 31, 2014

Luke 5 John 21 John 18:18 Don’t go alone Follow grace Accept that god takes you as you are

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Take Inventory

Published June 1, 2014

John 9 How do you see people How do you see yourself How do you see god

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What about the daily peace

Published February 23, 2014

John 14 Fellowship with God and godly people Let go of old regrets and excuses Exercise your faith. To do that give up your false hope Live in truth Must change your focus Move. Get up and go forward

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