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I have a promise in my pocket

Published January 29, 2017

Matthew 6:33-34 John 14:18 Review the promise (read it again) Respond to the promise Stand on the promises of God Rejoice in the promise

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How to be free in Christ

Published September 11, 2016

John 8:1-11 Romans 8:1-13 The law of the spirit I need freedom from myself You are a slave of the flesh or the spirit Renew you daily Should let the Spirit lead and control us

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The filter has been cleaned

Published July 24, 2016

John 7:37-38 Luke 16:19-28 Prayer life Pleasing conversation All you do should be a reflection of God’s love Do not clog up your filter with things

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Are you really all that?

Published July 3, 2016

John 13:8-15 Do I feel clean after I have done something for Christ Resume your place changed Serve one another

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When you’re down look around

Published June 12, 2016

John 21:1-9 When you are at your lowest point wait for the call of God: Calls to correction The direction changes everything Need to know the voice God is our provider

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Published May 15, 2016

John 9:1-25 I grow the strongest when my life is the worst. You get better or bitter It changes the direction you are going People always change, but they don’t change on their own Asked questions get answered

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What controls you

Published April 3, 2016

John 3:1-8 Your position is a blessing from God Power is pushing you You are controlled by your passion, so when will He be yours

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Willing for change

Published March 27, 2016

John 3:19-20 Light gives you access Gives you authority

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How much mud does it take to open your eyes?

Published February 28, 2016

John 9:1-7 You must recognize that you are blind and ask the Lord to let you see it the way He sees it You have to receive the light Rejoice in truth

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The day the donkey went to church

Published December 13, 2015

Genesis 16 John 3:19 Need to understand the nature What is your will Only God can change you

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