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Look who showed up

Published May 20, 2018

2 Corinthians 4:4-5 2 Samuel 13:8-16 Genesis 3 Serpent in the garden Friend at the table Trade for it Let’s just talk about it Take the treasure

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Power of the spoken word

Published March 26, 2017

Genesis 1:3,9,26 Mark 11:21-25 Speak life We all have the power of the written word in our life Speak to it not about it Take authority over everything Be kind to one another

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Endurance in waiting

Published October 9, 2016

Genesis 41:1-15 Daniel 10:2-13 2 Kings 6:16-17 Waiting time is working time God is working on your behalf The way you act in waiting is how you’ll act when the waiting is over

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Is it too much to give up?

Published September 4, 2016

Ted Faulkner Luke 18-25 Genesis 21:14 Daniel 3 It is not about what you have but who you are What are you not willing to give up to follow Him Your can’t purchase the Lord’s blessing

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Realize you have a higher calling

Published June 5, 2016

Joshua 14:2-15 Numbers 14:24 Genesis 23:19 Cues from Caleb Realize you have a higher calling Mind of God Means for God’s message to get out Need to have a healthy cause (the cause of Christ) Have a holy collection

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Blow your rams horn

Published February 21, 2016

Genesis 22:12-13 Joshua 6:2-10 Romans 8:37 Need to see things from God’s perspective Blow your horn every day Believe with confidence that He will see you through

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The day the donkey went to church

Published December 13, 2015

Genesis 16 John 3:19 Need to understand the nature What is your will Only God can change you

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Stay calm carry on

Published October 11, 2015

Genesis 47:11-17 Genesis 41:53-55 Psalm 46:1 Before you have a crisis God already knew God is in your crisis God will not leave you in that crisis

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Who told you that?

Published September 13, 2015

Genesis 3:8-11 1 John 4:1 What is the source? Is it true / is it based on truth? Does it apply right now?

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I Hurt

Published May 17, 2015

Genesis 25 Judges 16 Acts 5 Hurt by Family Hurt by a Relationship Hurt by Yourself

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