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Published January 22, 2017

Mark 2:1-12 Mark 5:21-42

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On the way home

Published May 22, 2016

Luke 19:1-8 Romans 12:19 I need help I will be hurt I will hurt someone Admit it to yourself Seek God’s forgiveness Apologize with a true heart

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Contagious in joy or cranky in your faith

Published September 14, 2014

Luke 6 When you decide you want to change it takes time Find forgiveness Confess Have communion

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The Good Pleasure of His Good Will

Published January 26, 2014

Ephesians 1 What is will of God Your will make it His God takes pleasure in making us acceptable God loves you unconditionally We have redemption for forgiveness of sin according to His grace You need to give God thanks in everything

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