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Devine Must

Published January 19, 2014

John 3:22-30 Must repent of sins Must know you can have joyous life here Must have Devine time with the master Must lift up Jesus Must be a servant Must be humble

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I’ll stop looking for what I think is the best result and start trusting God

Published January 12, 2014

Daniel 6 Prepare by reading the bible Trust God in everything Stand on the promises of God Got has protection for all of his children Be still and know I am God

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Faith Works

Published January 5, 2014

Hebrews 11 I will trust the one who has proven faithful I trust the hand and heart of God Little by little we are taught to trust by Faith Without faith it is impossible to please god

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Prepared place for a prepared people

Published December 29, 2013

Guest preacher Ted Faulkner John 14:1-14 Daniel 3 1 Kings 17:6-14 Trust in him Trust gods word Trust in the preparer Need a childlike expectation

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Can’t Serve God Without Serving Others

Published November 10, 2013

Matthew 20:20-26 Stop what you’re doing Look and listen There are two kinds of people wealth builders and kingdom builders Do something and with a glad heart

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Divine Appointment

Published November 3, 2013

Mark 15:21 I am available Lord Have to be prepared You must have the divine (Jesus)

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Toolbox of Grace

Published October 27, 2013

Ephesians 1:18 John 14 Peace for pain Confidence in crisis Hope In devastation

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Bring Your Shawl

Published October 20, 2013

Ruth 3 You have to bring your treasure and lay it out Trust god Jesus is your redeemer and will fill your shawl

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Do & Be

Published October 13, 2013

Guest speaker Ted Faulkner before service. Galatians 3:10-14 Invest where you want your reward Invest time in treasurable  things

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It’s not a gift, it’s a loan

Published October 6, 2013

Matthew 25:14-30

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