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What does the dinner look like

Published August 12, 2018

John 12:1-11 Sights of service Smell of Worship Sounds of celebratio

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Greatly Distressed

Published August 5, 2018

1 Samuel 30:6-23 Strengthen your weakness Find your strength in God Help you to act on it Serve others Stay humble

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Published July 29, 2018

John 17:20-26 Mark 9:37 Mark 9:33-34 Acceptance Self examination Acceptance Build not boast

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Be prepared for the Storm

Published July 22, 2018

2 Timothy 3:14-17 1 Samuel 25:18-40 1 Peter 5:8 Listen to the right voice Protect what is important

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Dealing with stress

Published July 8, 2018

John 15:1-2 John 15:7 Deuteronomy 31:6 Read His promises Do your part Enjoy the results

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Take Inventory

Published July 1, 2018

John 9 How do you see people How do you see yourself How do you see God

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What’s your message

Published June 24, 2018

1 Corinthians 15:1-8 On your face In your actions From your heart

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Size of the gate does not change

Published June 17, 2018

Matthew 7:7 Matthew 7:13-14 Ask for help Seek wisdom Knock at the door opportunity

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Holy Spirit

Published June 10, 2018

John 14:26-27 Comforter Teacher Peace

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Take inventory

Published June 3, 2018

John 9 How do you see people How do you see yourself How do you see god

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